Benefits of Cloud Managed Services Providers


Do you think about outsourcing IT management to a cloud service provider? These are some of the benefits of choosing a cloud expert:

1. Cloud-managed outsourcing services of savings allow you to control and reduce the costly maintenance costs of the network. The configuration of a full-time IT department is often expensive and often unnecessary for SMEs with simple networks. Outsourcing a cloud service provider, such as Agile IT, can provide thousands of dollars a year to the IT department.

The cost of servicing cloud services Recurring and projected monthly expenses Due to the flexibility of cloud services, you decide how much you want to pay for IT services and receive a fixed monthly bill.

2. Future technologies Moving to the cloud is the first step to verify your data center in the future. Then you must use the latest technology and services for your business.

When hiring IT staff, your IT staff must conduct company training when a new technology or upgrade is required. Cloud technology is ready to manage the latest technology.

3. Dedicated and integrated service. Some providers provide paid services or payment plans that allow your company to focus on growth.

Other cloud providers offer a converged solution that provides great cost savings. These converged solutions can include security protection, network monitoring or the creation of a new service area.

4. Reliable infrastructure. MSP’s cloud solutions, such as Agile IT, provide network infrastructure 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. According to the service agreement, the cloud service provider can monitor and verify the network to ensure the security of the patches, etc.

Managed service providers can also integrate existing business practices and policies to manage their network and achieve their organization’s goals.

5. Central network applications and services Through a managed cloud network, the provider manages all applications and servers in the central data center.

This increase in network availability also increases employee productivity. Network users can remotely access central data in the same network, including virtual services, and can create backups and storage in a centralized network.

6. Coverage of all service levels. Cloud providers provide better control over the level of service, performance and service level. With a comprehensive service level agreement, your company will continue to operate. The more time you work with a cloud service provider, such as Agile IT, the more convenient your network will be, which will lead to quicker response time to a question.

7. Disaster recovery services are the life path of a managed service provider. Agile IT has developed many data networks and data centers with a certain degree of redundancy and flexibility to ensure business continuity.

Thanks to the services in the cloud, your data will be protected and protected in all services and applications in the cloud. In case of an accident, your business and activities may continue with minimal downtime.

8. Quick response times Your companies can count on fast response times thanks to corporate monitoring and cloud services. Agile IT can remotely eliminate, control and eliminate all network problems. If you need to resolve your problem on the site, you must send the technician within one business day.

As a consulting partner four times accredited by Microsoft and Cloud Partner this year, Agile IT understands the technical questions that should be asked when contacting cloud service providers, including Microsoft and Amazon.

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