How To Choose Affordable Dedicated Server Hosting


Choosing the Affordable Dedicated server for your business can be important. But as soon as you find your hosting provider,

Before deciding which server is best for you, let me clarify what “better” means here. The best is a very subjective term. To find the Best Dedicated server, you need to understand their requirements, find web hosting providers that meet these requirements and then make a decision.

1. Processor: how powerful would you like to have a server?

To virtualize or convert video or encode SQL or specialized applications, such as chat servers, you need a dual Xeon or Xeon server.

2. Bandwidth: After you get an idea of the traffic to your site, decide what bandwidth you want. If your site receives a lot of traffic, go for higher bandwidth. If you plan to run scripts, have high-resolution images or stream media files, go to high-bandwidth servers.

3. Memory: memory is important to determine the effectiveness of your server and speed up the loading of your site. More RAM = better speed

4. Operating system: depending on your needs, decide whether you want a dedicated Windows server or a dedicated Linux server. You should also consider your type of order.

5. Storage: Know your site’s storage requirements. You can choose from several hard disk options. As a rule, RAID is preferable, because if the devices fail, all your data will be lost. RAID is fundamental to duplicate copies. Best user server

6. Application: you need a dedicated Windows server if you want to host MS SQL, ASP.NET or Microsoft IIS. Switch to the Linux server if you are using the LAMP or MEAN stack or an application that does not require a special Microsoft license.

Data processing center Tier

Level 1: availability 99.67%, no repetitions, 28.8 hours of inactivity/year.

Level 2: availability of 99.74%, partial repetition in refrigeration and power, 22 hours per year.

Level 3: uptime of 99.98%, N + 1 failover, idle time 1.6 hours / year.

Level 4: 99.99% runtime, 2N + 1 full infrastructure, 26.3 minutes of annual downtime.


Before choosing a dedicated server in India, you should ask questions regarding data access, power sources, hardware, fire protection, design, data confidentiality, etc.

Analyze your requirements

If you go to the market without analyzing your requirements, you may not find anyone who meets the requirements. I know that introspection can be difficult. But if it is done (correctly), it will undoubtedly give you the best results.

Here are some important aspects to consider when analyzing your requirements:

1. Types of servers: depending on your activity, consider the following:

Server files
Server database
Domain Server
Server application
Communication server
Print server

2. Traffic: how much traffic do you see per month?

3. Application: If this is an application that requires a lot of resources, you should go to a server with high computing power.

4. Operating system: Are you looking for a dedicated Linux server or a dedicated Windows server?

Budget: money is definitely an important factor, always. But if you find the right server for you, this will be the value of the investment.



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